The Compatibility Conundrum

The drawer opened and the pen shuffled right in front of the eyes, as if it was just waiting to be uncapped.

“The left arm felt lighter tonight. It wasn’t used to this. The warmth your head gave to this arm was more comfortable than any blankets did. It didn’t feel numb, and the blood just circulated normally, without gushing. This normalcy was uninvited, but it had forced its way into the night. The lifeless room full of posters and books looked dull, and all of a sudden the purposelessness of life began looming large like a silent cyclone ready to gulp my body up into thin air. The night had just become lengthier. It was at this moment of time, when I dusted my old notepad, and flipped to this empty page.


All of a sudden logic, theories, and statistical derivations became the tools to measure a relationship that till now had defied all logic, fought the odds, and based on something as inexplicable as the heart. The stone hard answers which I always demanded  was wrapped around a piece of paper inked with barbs and thrown at my face with vengeful rationale. The intangible base, was thrown out of the window – like it never existed. I must accept – I had it coming.

We seek for answers we don’t want to acknowledge, in hope that it might prove us wrong. Our insecurities are born and fed to fight against such answers, all resulting in the chaotic circumstances which would define our actions. All this, all of it… happens in the head. Yet, we choose the head over heart as the last resort to solve all of those troubles initiated by the head itself.

Today, I was judged on actions I wish I could undo. The actions which now define my principles, my nature, and my affinities. These actions, today imprinted the palm of potential destiny like a careless slap. These are the same actions I regret, the same actions I am not very proud of… the same actions I wish could go back in time and reverse. But here they are, the parameters to judge me as a person and chalk out the compatibility with someone I have truly loved. Love, which needs no introduction and which created that inexplicable, intangible base for that unheard love story which cannot be quantified. Yet, I am a slave to numbers today – plotting my graph on undesirable quadrants.

I missed your voice in my ears while I was mad. I missed your hair on my face while I was away. I missed kissing on that cold nose while we woke up on different beds. During all that time, all I wished was to hold you tight and tell you how much I love you and how much I hate to be doing this right now. I fumed, and I yelled.. but during all that time I kept wanting to turn back and kiss you while you snatched me, pulled me trying to drag me in your arms. I kept wanting you to keep doing it and couldn’t say how much I hated being that guy at that very moment. It’s confusing how Love can make you behave a certain way. But please, don’t you judge me on that moment of time I tried to be something I aren’t. Vulnerability often makes a person dress in protection. The momentary cloak is seldom the glittering vest. And today, that momentary cloak made the list of my paramters.

My Love, runs deeper than all this. And if anything is worth taking a shot, this is it. Because no matter what, I haven’t left you when you were knocked down. Maybe 3 days later, but I always came back and picked you up in my arms and walked on the lava to cross it. That is my parameter…right there. I am a little knocked down today (not a little though).. and you decide to walk away leaving me here. But again, I understand .. I can be an asshole, and I don’t blame you. But please, if you can.. do come back… my arms need you.

– The Impractical Optimist.”

He didn’t cap the pen back. It remained open throughout the sleepless night, wishing for the familiar load on his left arm.


Nobody said it was easy… Nobody ever said it would be this hard

Ok Bye”. The last words from her mouth echoed in the cosmos of his sleep. It’s one thing to pretend your thoughts aren’t bothering you, it’s another when they actually do. His lips were worn off and dry, and the water couldn’t have helped him. He needed the moisture of her lips. His cold hands didn’t need those blankets, they needed the warmth of her palm. The fresh air didn’t have the effect on his perspiring body as the fragrance that she carried. His moist shallow eyes didn’t need those tissues, they needed the depth of her cornea.

One of the hardest decision you will ever face in life is choosing whether to walk away or try harder”. He had never learnt to walk away, and trying harder to hold on only loosened his grip on the scorching sand. The blisters on his hands were mortified, but he couldn’t let go.. he never wanted to. He was told letting go was a symbol of strength, for only the strong could overcome the grief of letting go. What he wasn’t told was holding on needed that super human strength and character which peaked far beyond the imaginations. His life had become that swinging pendulum between holding on and letting go, which struck the cuckoo every second of his life. He was strong – insanely strong, and the stronger he was.. the harder life hit him.

A gasp of breath and his eyes were wide open. Something just flashed by his thoughts. The room was suffocating him. The walls were getting closer. Even on that rainy windy night, he was sweating profusely. He wanted some air. Barefoot he left the room and opened that glass door which led to the mini terrace. He stood there in the constant drizzle brought by that chilling breeze. It came from the west. The breeze had her scent. Maybe the air knew the only way to connect these souls were to touch them. His dry lips were moistened by those drops as if she just placed a kiss. His hands were still cold but his eyes were not visibly watery under those sprinkling mist.

The deafening noise of silence was screaming too loud for him to remain in his senses. Reasons had left him, he was all by his gut. But he never shied away from his gut. It was the Love of his life and he knew it. Beyond all reasons and rationality he gave each and every part of himself without questioning. He was convinced she was THE ONE. 4 years in the making, he stood there in the rain knowing that each passing moment he was running into a dagger, and he was supposed to remain calm as he loved her like no other love can could have claimed. The mountains had gazed upon it in wonder, the rivers froze to pay an ode to his love, his breath did not stop because this golden love story was still unfinished… and what a story it was turning out to be.. A golden one, indeed. The heart was somehow still pumping when it wasn’t meant to. It was shattered into a million pieces and he had to pick them all up piece by piece, mend it and it kept functioning. It shattered a million times again, and it time it shattered, it was rebuilt. Those bloodied hands did not complain, they kept mending this broken heart and the heart reciprocated – it did not stop functioning. There was something to it – If there is ever a word for it, it was LOVE. If love, as a word alone couldn’t do justice to it, then no amount of expression ever would. This very night, his hands gave up. They did not want to but they just had lost enough blood. It was the strength of his mind that kept him going… which was surprising as the mind had always been at pole’s end with him. He had a beautiful mind, but he never listened to it. He ignored it and the mind had an ego of its own. But today, the mind seemed to be encouraging him to go the distance. The mind had either given up or simply awestruck by this man’s will. The mind gracefully accepted to make the way on which the heart wanted to go. But probably this was the difference. When there is none at the other end of the tug of war, there is nothing to play for.

He sat down on the wet plastic chair as the skies began to clear. It was dark and he was broken. The clouds had no silver lining, but there they were… the stars glittering as the skies cleared. They were always there, just waiting to be seen. For you can only see the stars in the dark. As he closed his eyes, the droplets on his lashes dripped down. It had all been poured and the blood washed. The heart was still beating… beating again for it knew it’s lifecycle was short. But it also knew it was a phoenix that will rise again from the ashes and start beating again. This was THE LOVE.. and it could have been found nowhere else. It’s still there and forever shall be. It will continue to amaze the world far beyond the bondage of time. As the time flew by, the stars began disappearing. It was only the first rays of the beautiful sun that woke him up. The fresh smell of the grass drying up in those rays as a white dove flew over his head.

My Valentines’ Gift to You

Yes, I am not perfect… I don’t need to be. My imperfections are the things that make me who I am. Pushing my limits to cover up for them make me love you all the more. Yes, I am scared of losing you… But this fear comes from the fact that I can’t handle it without you. Yes, I lie to you… and I can’t promise that I won’t. You’re right, lying is what I do best. But underneath all those lies, there’s one true thing…. One True Thing… that can support the weight of all the lies in the World.. and that’s the fact that I Love You. And, you know that when I say that… I’m not lying. I lie because I love to see you smile. It gives me a reason to keep lying to you because I am that selfish. Yes, I am selfish if I want you to see in front of me day and night. I want to sleep seeing your face and I want to get up wishing to see your face… You’re that special to me. I just wish to be equally special to you.

You’re right in judging me that I am not myself in front of you. But how can I be? All I think about is you. I don’t have second chances. They say I don’t have even one. Maybe they’re right… you’re way out of my league. But how should I give up on you when you’re the only thing I desire? They tell me to move on… any rational person would. But I don’t even desire rationality if you are not a part of it. I know you feel the same way about someone else…. but that someone else is not me, he can never be! I don’t say this because I am better… I say this because I am the underdog, and hence, I will always strive to be The One. In fact, somewhere I already know I am The One. Nobody… and I mean Nobody will love you the way I do. People think I’m crazy.. I am. I am crazy for you. No matter how much they tell me not to be this way,  I will always be this much more crazy as this is a state of mind I find my happiness in… where I find You. If there’s a word for my craziness, it’s Love.. If caring about you beyond all rationality and wanting you to have everything you want, no matter how much it destroys me.. It’s Love. And… when you love someone, you just don’t stop… ever.. Even if people roll their eyes, call you crazy… even then! Especially Then!! You don’t just give up. Because if I give up.. If I could just take the whole world’s advice … and Move On, and find someone else, that wouldn’t be Love! THAT would be … some other disposable thing that is NOT worth fighting for. But that is not what THIS is. You know exactly what this is, and THIS won’t fade away with time, money or beauty.. but only grow stronger. This whole chapter between us is still unfinished, and I give God the time because I know with a pen in his hand, he is still thinking and writing a golden Love story for us. You read this through, and are still here… Not Mine, but this is a Your Valentines’ gift to me.

……The Beginning.

There’s light beyond the roof

The country is going to the dogs or have we just started realizing it late? It is anguishing to see a common boy growing up with dreams in his eyes only to understand how far they are from this real world. We all are encouraged think big and strive hard to elevate our base, however, what we are never told is that the upper roof doesn’t move. Growing up, the boy realizes he must stop stretching to live longer. As he becomes “wiser” he knows he will end up being suffocated, squeezed and decimated… and there we are when the “Wise” one will tell you not to be elevated by your imaginations. Simply keep yourself to the ground so that your expectations don’t crush you. Hell yeah, they all know how to live longer now. Do not elevate and you will survive! That’s what people do, they survive.

In some other part of the world however, they tell them to “Elevate your base, the roof will accelerate”. The most important lesson that a boy learns is “Living long isn’t the matter of concern… Living Big is”. That’s fair enough – they do have their own share of troubles which might not be recognized in our part of the world, because we don’t face them. But that does not stop them from soaring the wings of their imagination. The roof accelerates in most cases.

Interesting to note the contrasting psychologies of the two worlds when it was our world to gain that knowledge first and give it to them while they were still nomads. Where did we go wrong? The most sensible theory to this question is that we stopped being who we really were. We imitated, copied, and let them point a finger on our faces telling us we’re no good. We accepted our inferiority and the decay begun. It has come to this where we have to protest in large numbers to make headlines on the national front so that an F.I.R. is registered. We have to shake the largest democracy in the world to tell them we’re dying and therefore the government should listen to us. How conveniently, we are shown the roadblocks as to why a bill/amendment cannot be passed in the Parliament. A boy in a reputed government design school is forced to take his own life, and the Police do not register the case. The Media who dedicated an hour to an actors’ dog’s demise do not cover the story. The parents of that boy are mistreated and then they finally give up. The common man has accepted to stay in a state of misery and adjust with it. When you grow old, you start to succumb to the unchanged environment. This great nation has survived 10,000 years under extreme conditions and that is old enough for our minds to give up. We are brought up in not so ideal circumstances. We are taught not so ideal lessons. We are conditioned for not so ideal thought processes. We readily accept this “fact” that the roof cannot be moved. So, if you gotta live longer, you have to set your base to the lowest you can. You will be right to tell your kids the same.

We have stopped elevating. We have stopped dreaming. Those who dream set sail to the other world where roofs do move. Common man still exist in this part of the world living his life at a sub par standard unknown of his own rights and capabilities. This was the only business which the Indian Political system was trying to exploit for a very long time. Many tried but unconvincingly. But now, this “Common Man Resonator Politics” hit a new high recently with the Delhi state elections. It was an instant connect with the Aam Aadmi. To come to a conclusion as to how good or bad the intentions of this political class are, will still need some time. Since it has so deeply dented the untouchable common man sentiment, there will be conspiracy theories; & there will be marked differences in promises and actions. But what does this dent hold for the boy inside that squeezing chamber? He sees a light through that dent in the roof. Probably that was all he needed. Probably that is what all of us needed – A ray of hope. A dying man will hold on to it if he knows he could live. Hope changes the direction of our thoughts. It makes those hormones inside us rush in to all parts of the body. Maybe, this is the revitalizing force that was needed for so long. This new political class may or may not prove “The One” we were always waiting for. This might be just another political business which leveraged the situation to make a grand stage for itself. OR.. This might really work for the betterment of the common man… OR… The Political power and the air would change their mettle. Nobody knows except time. We will wait and will get these answers. But this could be the oxygen supply. This dent will now, be giving fresh air to the boy within. This will only be a matter of time when the boy decides to tear up the roof and experience the skies… where there are no boundaries. The wings will soar again, and no matter how much the base elevates, nobody will tell the boy to mind the roof. With or without Mr. Kejriwal, this is certainly on the cards.

Nostalgia Revisited

Just hopped on to after a long time. I remember when I was preparing for my masters, it used to be a real good sorum for all kind of college discussions and preparations. Occasionally I visit the site to help those dedicated kids with the experience I have gained while preparing for NIFT. I still remember there were few who came forward to help (as seniors) about NIFT and all that entrance drama. Thanks to those a few who did come to settle our nerves. We have taken their seats now… and yes, it does feel good 🙂

Going through the stored messages brought about a smile on my face. Little did we know we will be changing each other’s lives by being a part of it. Destiny works in its own ways. So, here I am posting a few messages I still scent my inbox 🙂



Hey Kunal..
Hello buddy…

Just sent you to say a Hi :))
Hows everything going at ur end??

achha May I ask something… Why does Guys who are perfectly normal go to nift and change into Rohit Bal types??:lookround: Lolzzz…:mg: Just wondering coz I do not wanna be in that majority…


Everything is gng great at my end. There are sum very gud news. Will share wid u guys wen d rite time cumes.
Nd well to answer ur ques dats not d majority. Most of the guys here are normal. Some become like d one u mentioned but well it totally depends on u wat u want 2 b so dnt worry nd chill!!


Thank you so much I really wanted to hear that…. It does sound strange how people become like that when they join a particular institute… raises quite a few questions…

Temme whats the good news bro… you have made the adrenaline rush in my veins…

hello..dis is sneha…gonna join bimm freshers…
i need kotler’s ebook…plzz provide asap. thnx in advance.
The 12th edition of kotler and keller ebook is of 36 mb… so it cannot be attached in the mail… I have a 16 mb book of kotler as well… I will mail you that.. gimme your mail ID… In case you want the 12th edition I can send you the torrent link and you can directly download it from there if you know how to use the torrents.
hi…my id is s**************
mail me dat 16mb book. thnx in advance.
Ok… I’m mailing it to you…
But also check the BIMM thread… I’ve provided the links for the 12th edition of kotler and keller E book… you can download it from there…
take care
I have made an attempt to attach the 36 mb kotler ebook to the yahoo mail… Check your mail.. It will expire within 30 days… So download it before that…
I am also sending other kotler ebooks I have…
Hope they help you… good luck for the future…

How r u?

I am Priya and wntd 2 knw whether u have already taken your GD/ PI or is it scheduled some time in May..???

Even i Have been short listed for the same. :):):)
So, wanted to know how it has been…
Take Care,
God Bless and All the Best…

Hello Priya,
I am Tarunendra.. My GD is on 24th of may.. best of luck for yours…
Btw, when is yours and where are you from?
Hi Tarunendra,
I am from Delhi and my GD is on 26th. Whr ru from? n what hav u done in ur grads?
I am from Lucknow… I am in my BBA last semester….
what about you?
I have done English Hons and am currently working.
Oh great!!! So you have work ek with you too… you got a better chance to get through..
all the best 😉
thanks… same 2u… so hows ur prep goin on? do let me knw abt ur experience wid d panel… hope u do well n by the way i was going thru ur posts… dey a really motivating… 🙂
I have been coached under IMS for the GD/PI for 1 year.. i think that must be sufficient, as i am preparing nothing special as such….
Sure I’ll post my experiences on the thread….
just wanted to know by how much time all this GD/PI gets over? I have to return the next day for my BBA viva..
well acc 2 d insights i have received it says dat u might u get free only by evening.. dnt wry… so tell me one thng y do u wnt 2 pursue MFM?
I haven’t prepared an answer for that… honestly speaking I just gave the nift exam and got selected…
The main reason as to why i wanna go for MFM is that the MBA options that I have are very expensive..
hey hi Tarun…
read ur post… 
So how was ur GD/PI???
The GD/PI was satisfactory… how was yours?
oh dat’s nyc…n how was ur viva (ur univ exams)…my GD is scheduled for tomorrow… :)
YEah It was good….. All the best for tomorrow :)
Thanks dude… :)
You’re welcome dudette 😉
Waise you have been on PG since feb and haven’t posted anything yet?? why is that?
aise hi… but wil surely post my gd exp 2morrow…. :)
Wish you all the best for tomorrow…
Go n RocKkKkKkKkKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
thanks dude… :D :D :D :D
hie TazzyWaksTer , this is isha dis side .. i needed some imp advise so thought to pm u :roll:… i read the discussion on iilm gsm between u n others but frankly got really confused reading all those intricate details abt the coll .. the ‘others’ there have already taken admssion so no use toking to them … 
now after the cat fiasco ..its all messd up nd now i litrlly have no options left :onfire: n wanted to know is it worth goin to that coll as ROI is a issue, due to loan n al . i have got a offer for a mngmt seat there … is it relly worth it ??? 
ur reply is eagerly awaited :):listen:
Hmmm… Well you see.. IILM GSM only accepts CAT scores… so it does have the cream in it….. I personally would have gone for IILM lodhi road or gurgaon…… as they are located in an area where there is a lot of corporate exposure….
Although students in that thread have provided details of it being one of the main and famed IILM chains.. but i still have my own doubts…. i may be wrong…. the best way is to call up IILM GSM, Lodhi road and Gurgaon and ask them whether they come under the same chain….

Regardless of that…. since you say that you have no other options left…. then IILM GSM is a descent option for you… ROI is a concern but it depends on how you perform there… I would like to know what other options you have, if any and what is the fee structure for the management seat quota….

If its high, you may look for management seat quotas in other better colleges… but let me know the fee structure. ROI is definitely a drawback in IILM GSM… even in the general quota.. more months .6 and it will be a huge negative in the management quota…
I would have waited and prepared 6 more months to appear for CAT ’10 rather than going for a management seat in IILM GSM… again its my personal view… if you can afford it and willing to take admission this year itself.. then go for it!

thanku for replyin .. :)) 
the agency is askin for 50 thsnd as consultation fee in iilm gsm , rest the coll fees n hostel fees wil ofcrse be there … they dun have ne other col available at this time … i am gettn mixd reviews too , i too wanna get into a gud B school :( but wot bothers is d fact dat my grad was over last yr so taking a gamble year off is a turn off :(
okay… in that case i wud have taken the admission as far as the year is concerned…..
do u think that you can get a better coll and prepare for it these 6 months? If yes… then try for a job and keep preparing.. this will help u gain the work ex which will be beneficial for you as you will be given preferences over others in a b school….
If not.. Go for it as there is no other option left for you…
btw, what is the coll fees in the management quota in IILM GSM?
and you may check this number out… 020-41307781. This is a number of fortune consultancy which helps students get admissions in good B schools in Pune… they don’t charge a penny…
actually i hav frn who’s doin ib frm there he said there’s no mngmnt quota in iilm gsm but the agengy said so .. the fees dat is told to me is 6.5 +1.5 (hostel)
in that case u shud be a lil cautious.. is that agency really gonna get u admitted there?? tell them u will only pay once u r admitted…. rest u can always call the college up and ask them if they have management quota in it or not
Hi tazzy..I have got 2nd rank in M.FTech Apparel Production. I am an Electronics Engineering Graduate. I do not know much about this course and concerned about placements in NIFT. How much package does a M.Ftech student get? Which is better NIFT – Delhi or Mumbai? I have been offered a job by Infosys with package of 3.25 lacs pa. Should I go for it or join this course? What is scope of this course? I am totally confused. Please help me if you can. Waiting for your reply
First of all congos for a brilliant performance!!
Being an engg… you will have a great opportunity in applying your technical background in the fashion technology… doing a masters especially after engg… you’re bound to land up more than your present package… had your package been above 4… I would have recommended you to go with your job…. but this course will be extremely useful to you… You should definitely go for it… NIFT delhi is the best at any time… anywhere… Go for it!!
Thank you very much Tazzy. :)
hi there tazz…
i wanted to know which university is NIFT … i know this questions sounds silly but i have checked throughout the prospectus but couldnt get a clue … i really need this information so that i can apply for migration cert.. 
plz do reply
Nift is a separate university itself… It gives its own degree.. Its not affiliated to any other university like most of the colleges…
It hope it answers your query :)
so i can just add nift university in my application form for migration??
YEs… you can do that.. it comes directly under the ministry of textiles… So everybody is aware of NIFT…
thank you tazz .. 
i asked because i said the same thing to my college official they just said no it cant be possible it might be under some university so and so.. any ways thank you!!!!!:):gm::)
Hey no need to thank for that… keep it for a better purpose :)
hey there…
i was having a small doubt see my results where published yesterday only so there will be delay in getting my mark list so wat should i do.??? shud i produce them my hall ticket or something or get a written letter from our principal that i have appeared for my final exams??? coz i think i lost my hall ticket:roll:
plz do reply
Alright… yes u may get a written document from your principal… That will do..
Moreover.. you’ll have to give an undertaking in the counselling that you’ll provide all your docs by 31st July..But thats just a formality.. once ur into nift… no one cares about it….
So be cool… you won’t be the only one whose results will not be declared by the time of counselling… My results are still not declared… So relax..
But yes… a written letter from your princi would do good to you…

I guess you already asked that on FB.. haven’t you?

yup i did asked it in fb coz i needed the reply ASAP… so that i could go to college today to get the letter .. well am cool with it but my parents aren’t :) thats why …. thankyou so much for ur help yaar!!!!! well will get it by tomorrow.. so that the last piece of the puzzle lolz!!!!
take care yaar 
once again thank you soo much!!!!
why do you thank so much?
I didn’t get you or give you anything… You asked something and I said yes it will do…
What was there to thank about?
Anyways… my pleasure..
well first of all am like that.. i really appreciate when some one helps me …2nd u just cleared my doubt and 3rd u saved me from a hell of shouting that i could have heard from my mom if i just stand there wondering wat to do lolzzzzzz 🙂
wish u all the best !!! hope u’ll make it in NIFT!!!
Hi mins…
I am Tarunendra… I also got through NIFT Bhubaneswar… hope to see ya there..
Good luck 🙂
heyyy…yup will cya there…but i hav sum questions ya…wat all facilities are they providing in hostel..? n wat kind of attire do v hav to follow? casuals or formals? n also do v hav to carry sum documents wid us?
there is no news on hostel till now… they said they will contact… it will be wi-fi enabled i guess..
There is no dress code… maximum log informals me hi aate hain… agar last semester appearing tha aur agar results nikal aye ho to u can carry those docs… rest to aisa kuchh nahi bataya gaya hai ki what all we have to carry… no info about the books too
yar v havnt even seen the campus…i m soo skeptical abt the whole thing..? we will b needing laptops dere?
hmmmm ohkk…any oder info..? do v need laptops in the first semester..? n wen r u reaching bhubneshwar? any idea abt the campus..? i hope the building is dere..hahhaha…wat else r u carrying?
No info yet… ab tak to unki taraf se phone call bhi nahi aaya hostel accommodation k liye… I already have a laptop so wud be carrying that.. It always helps… So if you can arrange it by then it would be good…
I’ll be reaching on 25th.. There is a beautiful building which they have taken on a lease from Centurion institute of technology.
I’ll be carrying a hell lot of stuff… Even I don’t know what I’d be carrying… but yes.. I’d be overloaded.
You’re Monica More na?
ohkk…kewl..i m monika choudhary…
Oh kay… are you on Facebook?? Come here then:
All the Niftians of our batch are here… its an active place and also fun.

I am Tarunendra Pratap Singh. But I’m not too sure about the college and the infra… as some say that Nift is misguiding us… the snap shown in the website is not that of the campus… So it will only be cleared when we reach there.

nono i think the snap in the site is not of nift bhubneshwar..its generally a promotional pic of bhubneshwar…no one has clue abt the campus actually…n i m worried as nift proposal got passed in march only this in 3 mnths i dnt think so they will hav a proper building fr us..!!
They have taken a plot from the centurion institute of technology on a lease….. Don’t know how it is gonna be..
If the proposal for setting up a new nift passed in march.. so that must also be the case in jodhpur… isn’t it?
yeah hopefully we will :)
Hey Tazzy….This is Amy from Lucknow…I’ve been following your posts since a long time….just need some help from you…could you please tell me how did you prepare for your nift exam. I mean what all books did you refer…and what rank do i need to get into Nift….
Waiting for your reply…..
You can let me know all this on my email id- i*********
Hello Amy…
Glad that I can help a lucknowite..
Oh kay… To tell you very honestly I didn’t prepare exclusively for NIFT. I was a student of IMS and preparing to crack CAT…
I went through books like ARun Sharma for Quants and Logical reasoning… and that was more than enough when I saw the paper.
I was in the same situation as u are now.. but trust me, when u’ll see the paper, you’ll find that you can attempt it all and that too with 100% accuracy. All you need to do is pick up a claSS 10th RS aggarwal and brush up the basics… there is nothing.. absolutely nothing in the level of questions… I didn’t buy stuffs like fashion magazines or any such things…
But yes.. keep ur current affairs good….GK can be the most scoring part as well as the least scoring part… Just keep an eye on the news and the headlines. That’s it… ur through to the GD/PI’s… then after that its just ur confidence that matters there… and there are presently 300 seats for MFM… so you need to be under those 300 to get selected for MFM… If you belong to a general category.. make that 220 instead of 300
Gud luck
heard frm few people that it dosnt matter wether u have done a diploma course or pg course in fashion field..,both are equally prefered,,.,.,IS IT SO???
what are the job opprtunities of diploma courses,.
if i dnt get preferd campus this year,.,.,.so wud it be appropriateto apply for diploma nxt yr.,,..(coz pg courses declare their results very late, dont want to take chance next year too,.,) 
plz give ur openion on dis.,.,!
hey tazzy,..i got 53 rnk obc,.,,.a real dissappointmnt.,.,.do u hve ne ideah bout vot centrs i cud get???:helpsmilie:
It’s not that disappointing as it looks. It’s a fair rank but certainly have no idea about the OBC seats in NIFT. But you might feel a little relaxed knowing that your counselling will be held before the general category. So that ways you will get a lot of available options. I have known people who ranked around 100 in the OBC category and had 5-6 options left in the counselling the previous year.
If this year might not be the same as the previous year due to the awareness of this course among the people, but still you will have a descent chance to make it to NIFT. Obviously Delhi won’t be available, but after that nothing could be said later coz apart from the general category the behavior of people in choosing the centres is quite different. Previous year in the OBC counselling Jodhpur centre was filled up way before than Chennai and Gandhinagar… So nothing can be said.
But I would suggest that go for any centre you get, coz at the end of the day the brand name matters and the course is a good one!!
All the best!!
u’ve always been so helpful..,.thnx a lot,.,.if u wudnt hve rplied,..,.i wud end up wd a nytmare tonyt,.
Lolzzz… Nightmares are good… believe it or not.. hahahaha…
Take care.
Good night.
Sweet Dreams.
hii! hav seen u helping out people here…hope u wil help me too.. I have got 176(GEN) in NIFT(MFM)….Could u plz tell me do i even stand a chance to get admission in any of the centres? n if i do…which centres can i get??? Hope u will reply…
Oh Of course you do!! Last year NIFT Kolkata got filled up at 170 (General)… So the gates of NIFT Chennai or Kolkata will be open for you, which should be your first preference and after that Patna, Jodhpur, and Bhubaneswar will still be left. All the best..
Okays…Thank u so much for the prompt reply! Hoping for the best! Thanx again! 🙂
All the best!! 🙂

– Tarunendra Pratap Singh.

Hey hi there!can u please let me know for Gen-54 can i get Mumbai?And if not Mumbai which can i get?
Thnx in advance
You will get Mumbai easily… Have no doubts about it…
Delhi is the first preference for the people and it has around 24-25 seats for the General category… and the top rankers often do not turn up for NIFT as they also get through the IIM’s and the XLRI etc. etc. so Delhi gets filled up by 35-40 in the General category at the most. The second option for people is always Bangalore/Mumbai… They fill up side by side… So even in the worst to worst case, you will get Bangalore if not Mumbai… But be assured that you’ll be there in Mumbai.
All the best.
Thank u so much for the prompt reply!U are having vacations/internship right now?
YEah… I’m in Bangalore at the moment and doing my internship in Puma..
hey hii buddy…m rohit.. i too appeared for d nift’s proceedings..n u are quite active regarding on this thread..are u already in nift or wat..???…
Yes Rohit… I appeared for NIFT 2010… tumne join kiya nift..???..nd if nt, den wud u mind sharing d reason for not joining it..???…
Yeah I did join NIFT… Else I wouldn’t have been there on the NIFT-MFM thread… I am in NIFT Bhubaneswar.
hey dats gud yr…bt i’m vry confused abt joining nift or ubs ubs,most probably i wud be getting HR in which m nt shud i go for nift which is an industry specific course or shud i prepare agn for mba entrances nxt yr..???
It’s totally your call. Why would you go into a field in which you are not interested? That’ll just complicate things for you in the future. If you want a broader scope than fashion, then go for MBA (again… in a field you like). No one will be able to answer that question except yourself. If you’re joining NIFT be sure, that you’ll be in the textile industry or the retail sector initially.
hey thnks a lot buddy for helping me out….dude if u dnt mind, i need to clarify other things as well abt nift, cn u give me ur no so dat i cn get sum details abt nift from u..??/
I am travelling very frequently nowadays… mail me your queries at “”
Already feel like a celebrity…. Bouy, I was Mr. Pagalguy 😉

A different breed of Bangalore Autowallahs. Or Should I say HUMANS?

The battery of my phone was about to die. This was the worst thing that could happen to you when you’re stuck in a place you have no clue about…. there goes Google Navigation down the drain. The hangover from the last night’s party was pretty rough. You know how Bangalore Saturday nights are! Dehydrated body, with brain not functioning actively, and to top it all you find yourself clueless as to where you should be heading.

I am a big fan of BMTC for their super connected bus services seldom let your down. This day, however, was an exception. Constant thoughts of regrets for taking the wrong bus filled my mind. Darn! I should have waited a li’l longer for G2. It is presently the only bus from Agara bus stand to Koramangala Sony Signal. However the wait was probably killing me, and I boarded 347z which would drop me then to Koramangala Forum mall. The only problem now was that I did not how to reach the Sony Signal where I would get another bus to Indiranagar. The weather conditions however were favorable, that should count as the only respite I had.

At 8 on a Sunday morning, the city was still asleep. There were very few people on the roads except those Autowallahs. Over the years that I had been in Bangalore, there was only one thing that I genuinely followed “Stay away from the Autowallas“. I had a serious aversion to these auto drivers. If you’ve lived in Bangalore, you should know what I am talking about. Although, these autos do look a tempting choice when stuck in a situation like this. I gave in, all I had to do was to get home quickly. My love for home was way stronger than my hatred to the autos. I called one of them and what transpired is as follows:

Me: Indiranagar?!?

The Autowala nodded.

The auto started and took the next left turn. Turned left again, and after 300 meters, turned left again. We were there right n front of the Forum Mall signal. Now this, was a #facepalm moment. I thought he could have just taken a U-turn on the road and saved me Rs. 5. But my savings is his loss. However, the condition in which I was in, I did not feel like yelling at him. Soon enough, we were at the Domlur signal and I knew exactly where I was. Finally, there was a traffic board displaying where Indiranagar was, but it wasn’t needed. The auto started taking another left, and I was in no mood to spare him this time.

Me: Kya kar rahe ho yaar? Seedhe lo na!

Autowala: Le raha hai saab! Traffic bahut hai, aapko jaldi jana hai lag raha hai, isliye doosri side se free left turn lega, nahi to police khada hai, jaane ko nahi dega. Pehle bhi Forum mall ke paas U-turn nahi liya kyunki divider aage milk factory ke paas jakar khulta, isliye left se le gaya, wo chhota hota!

Me: Theek hai (Understood what he was trying to do)

Auto: Saab! Hum mehnat ki khata hai. Yahan log aata hai doosre city se, hamare hi log usey lamba ghumakar bewakoof bana kar zyada rupaye leta hai. Par kya fayda saab, Allah sab dekh raha hai. God fearing aadmi hai saab!

Me (Smiling at the nice thoughts of this autowala): Ye to sahi kaha bhai!

Autowala: Wo kya hai na saab, aap jaisa kayi log aata hai, par kuchh autowala ki wajah se hum sab badnaam hota hai. Log bhi samajhta hai ye baat. Par laat to hum sabke pet par ek jaisa padta hai. Isliye hum jaise autowale ko dikhana padta ki imaan bacha hua hai.

Me: Baatein to achhi kar lete ho! Kahan ke ho?

Autowala: Yahi Bangalore ka saab! Poora total Bangalore ka. Aap kahan ke ho? Yahan job karte ho?

Me: Haan, yahan ITC me job karta hun. Lucknow se aaya hun.

Autowala: Arre waah saab, Lucknow jaisa to koi jagah hi nahi hai. Log wahan ka achha hai. Time hota sabke paas, sab theek se bolta, yahan to kisi ke paas koi time nahi. Koi marr raha hota road par to dekhta bhi nahi. Insaan hai saab, jitna bada jitna chhota ho jaye, par aadmi aadmi ke kaam nahi aayega to kaun aayega. Aur jab aadmi sab kuchh luta dega ek din tab maloom padta ki paisa nahi kha sakta.

Me (Remembering the infamous quote from the Cree Indian Prophecy): Baat me dum hai tumhari.

Auto: Saab, baat achhi hi karni chahiye. Hamare jaisa kuchh log bade aadmi ko gaali deta, chor kehta. Par saab, unhone paisa lagaya apne upar doctor, engineer banne ke liye, isliye aaj paisa kama raha hai itna. Humne padhayi nahi kiya isliye auto chala raha hai. Padhayi kiya hota to aaj main bhi peeche wali seat par baitha hota. PAr saab, ek baat aur hai, sab agar bada adhikari ban jayega to chhota kaam kaun karega? Auto chalane ke liye bhi to koi chahiye na.

He had tremendous amount of self respect and did not feel he had, what many would call, a lowly living. But I think this person lived it big.

Me: Yaar, aadmi chahe jitna padh le, agar baat achhi nahi kar pata to padhayi likhayi kaam ki nahi hai. Tum kayi logo se zyada achhe aadmi lagte ho! Bade bade office jaane wale log apne senior, junior, sath walo ko gaali diya karte hain, wo aadmi itna padh likh kar bhi anpadh hain. Tum kam se kam baat se hi dil jeet lete ho, aur kya chahiye!

Autowala: Dhanyawaad saab. Aisa sab log sochne lage to duniya me problem kam ho jayegi. Aadhi problem sirf aadmi ke sochne se aati hain aur sochne se jaati hain.

Suddenly this autowala was looking so much wiser to me. This was an exceptional day!

Autowala: Kal hi mere ko ek aadmi road par mila. Buri tarah piya hua tha. Chor log usko maarke saare rupaye mobile sab le gaye. Lag raha tha ki mar jayega. Road par ek PCO se uske baap ko phone milaya, bola Devanahalli me rehta hai. City ke bahar samajh lo, 1000-2000 rs. ka to petrol hi lag jata aane jaane me. Uske baap ne bola ki usey chhod do, marne do. Hum kaise chhod deta usko! Uske paas rupaye bhi nahi the… par ghar chhod ke uske baap ko dekar aaya. Usse kaha ab jo karna hai karo iska. Pata chala to wo bewda teacher tha. Ab teacher hi aisa hoga to bachho ko kya padhayega! PAr maine usse paisa nahi liya, achha lagta hai jab koi kaam achha karta hai to.. utna jeene ke liye kaafi hota mereko.

Me: yahan rok dena bhai! Mera stop aa gaya.

Autowala: Theek hai saab. Aapka joota ka lace khula hai. KAl party me aapka shirt bhi kharab ho gaya, daag pada hai. Par theek hai saab, achha laga aapse baat karke. Ghar jakar khoob paani peena, theek ho jaoge.

I was stunned at his observational power. Now here was a guy who could have made it big if he was given a chance, but here he is driving an auto. I took out a Rs. 100 note, and gave it to him. Although, the meter read Rs. 85, I did not mind giving him the extra bonus.

Me: Theek hai bhai, allah barkat kare tumhare.

Autowala: Thank you saab!

He drove off the auto, but made my Sunday. It is amazing how a few words said in a right manner can make this world a better place. I think we educated ones are just ignorant to the values of these small things. We can handle an MNC, but we still have a long way to go to handle humans.

The Theory of Competition

Here’s the thing that makes life so interesting – The theory of evolution claims “Only the strong shall survive”… maybe so, maybe so.. But the theory of competition says, “Just because they’re the strong doesn’t mean they can’t get their a$$es kicked!”

That’s right.. See what every long-shot come from behind underdog will tell you is this – The other guy may in fact be the favorite. The odds maybe stacked against you, fair enough… But what the odds don’t know is that this isn’t a Math test. This is a completely different kind of test, one where PASSION has a funny way of trumping LOGIC! So before you step up to the starting line, before the whistle blows, and the clock starts ticking.. just remember out here the results don’t always add up. No matter what the Stats may say, and the Experts may think, and what the commentators may have predicted.. When the race is ON, all bets are OFF! Don’t be surprised if somebody decides to flip the script and take a pass on yelling uncle. And then suddenly, as the old saying goes… “We got ourselves a game!”

– Versus Commercial

वक़्त – एक सापेक्ष।

“ज़िंदगी से मौका मांगता हूँ,
अपनी सुइयों का रुख कुछ क्षण के लिए मोड दे,
खुदी को जीना चाहता हूँ,
एक बार ये इत्तेफाक दे दे।
बन जाऊंगा सबके लिए एक व्यंग रहकर, ये जानता हूँ,
खोकर ये, क्या सब प जाऊंगा, अक्सर ये सोचता हूँ,
जीवन के 25 साल खो दिये दुनिया की सोच कर,
एक बार देखना चाहता हूँ, क्या मिलेगा अपनी सुनकर,
वक़्त वक़्त की बात है, कहते हैं अभी वक़्त मेरा उपयोगी है,
आज़मा लूँगा वक़्त को भी, वक़्त ही वक़्त का सबसे बड़ा विरोधी है।
बात करते हैं लोग, आगे भी करते ही रहेंगे,
दुनिया चले ये न चले, सब अपने को खोटे ही रहेंगे,
पाना चाहता हूँ मैं ये वक़्त, दुनिया की रस्में त्याग कर,
गुलशन मे फूल, हमारे बिना भी खिलते ही रहेंगे,
उस फूल को को खिलते देखने का समय मांगता हूँ,
मेरा क्या था, और क्या है, ये शायद बखूबी जानता हूँ,
अपनो के पास ही जीवन है, ये मानता हूँ,
समझदार को समझदारी मुबारक, मुझे बस ये पल दे दे,
ऐ ज़िंदगी, अपनी सुइयों का रुख कुछ क्षण के लिए मोड दे।।”

…The Interim…

We only ponder upon the significance of life when we forced to think by death. We observe that everyone around us is losing someone gradually and the same fate awaits us and the ones around us. We know, that everybody we’ve known or shall know, will be taken away from us… and if some remain, they will see us being taken away.

We work so hard in life to give a meaning to it, to become ourselves. The main input goes in identifying who we are, but thwn thrashed upon this thought, that life is just an interim. So what is this Life, if the only reality we face is Death? Nothing counts. There are a lot of people who have defined life in some ways. Truth being, life cannot be defined. When even time, is just a dimension in this space which can be altered, there is no significance of life itself. But we can be grateful that we got a chance to live and experience TIME. In this vast expanse of universe, there are fewer spots known to give life a thriving opportunity. And, if it is God, then thank you God for giving us a breather. We were just a wave of energy in this cosmos, and given a chance to form and enjoy. Yet, we crave because we know we would be leaving all this behind, and yet never know what became of us, if there is a border to be crossed in some other world. Often, we blame God for our miseries, when we only came here to enjoy the sun and the green. We tend to accuse him for everything that happens to us. Not realizing there is no us and ours. There is a greater equilibrium which maintains itself that we don’t know of… and curse the creator on the basis of our side of the story. We made our possessions which truly aren’t ours. We will have to go, and all we know shall fuse into this vast expanse of space.

It feels terrible, horrible, and saddens us to the core. But there are things we shall only know beyond a certain point. That is when we leave this world… and wake up in some other world only to realize it was a dream all along. And then, Life would go on in that world…

This life ain’t that is supposed to be attached any meaning to. It is just like the games period we had in our schools and then return back to our classes. Enjoy the opportunity because all people are not so fortunate to even attend a school.



Long Lost Faith in Love being restored

There was a time in India when the abundance of Romeos overshadowed the Con-men. It was the time when women felt nice about being the centre of attraction for some. It was the era of romantic blockbusters in India. Yes, it was the 90’s. Love was sophisticated. Men tried to be the gentlemen of those deep Kajrari eyes. Boys saved their pocket money to gift ear-rings to their blue eyed beauties. Modes of transport was out of budget, and hence, we walked miles just to catch a glimpse of those damsels strolling on their terraces in the evening. If time was a constraint, we borrowed bicycles from our Mohalla friends swearing it was some urgency out of the world. The money we won in the cricket matches was either used on public booths or at small tea stalls just outside their schools/homes. In the later years of school lives, we used to join the same coaching classes as hers….. and it was all done in the most purest of intentions.

Then came the attitude era. The Roadside Romeos turned hooligans who stripped a girl naked by their lusty eyes. The sense of insecurity started to prevail which gave way to desperation. Chivalry soon began losing its charm, and even the Bollywood shifted its focus from the romantic tales to much more sought after genres. The so called Attitude era paved its own way. The charm of morning birds did not bring the same smile as it used to. Survival became the focus of life. People found it hard to stick to the values of Love, Affection and brotherhood. These principles became boring and a gave way to Smartness. We were now at a stage where smart thinking was a need of the hour. A good cheat was called smart and a lover was tagged stupid. This was a chain reaction and spread like a virus. After all, there is a system of dependency in nature. The strong hearts came into existence and repulsion from humanity widened. People lost faith in love. The new generation brought up in this era learned what they observed around. It only grew intense. Here and there, now and then, someone tried to bring back the good old days from the invincible jaws of time but little success was availed.

Time passed by and people wanted something new to deal with. They had seen the Romeo era, the attitude era, and now seemed to be well equipped and in fact ready for a change. Time and Fashion have this uncanny knack of repeating history. As time passes by, you feel a sense of Deja Vu. Something is different but it all is the same. As of now, people are getting fed-up with the attitude era and want to get back to the same old ways. We see a change in the air. It is undefinable but can certainly be felt, or it might be just me feeling this way. More or less, even the ones who disagree with me over this will someday feel the same necessity as I am feeling, which will give way to their perspectives of thought process. The way you feel things, is the way you see them. Agree?

Even the Bollywood now realizes this. Visible in the movies like Raanjhanaa, and the interest with which we people have welcomed it. Not to mention, similar movies had been there in the attitude era… were anyone of us really bothered? It is really hard to make a judgement on Who copies what, and What reciprocates whom? Does the film industry decide the course of our liking or it just reciprocates and provides people what they want to see! Hard to tell, but in either case, this new Raanjhanaa era is here to stay for a long time. More than the liking, it is the need of the hour in an attitude stricken country. People will start to Love once again, and believe in a happier today, tomorrow, and forever. Amen!